Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan


I am committed to offer the highest standards of professional service to all my customers. To assure you that your property is marketed to its fullest potential and to obtain the highest possible market value, the following will be completed:



1.  Visual inspection of property


2.  Research recent sales and competitive homes


3.  Complete a Comparative Market Analysis


4.  Determine the value of the property


5.  Review paperwork: Deed, CO’s, Survey, Tax Bill


6.  Fill out all proper paperwork and required disclosures


7.  Develop a Marketing Plan with weekly assignments


8.  Order Sign installation


9.  Prepare and place ads in print and electronic media


10. Submit Listing to MLS


11. Take pictures of property


12. Compose, design and print Highlight Fliers


13. Promote and host Brokers Open House


14. Collect and review Brokers’ Opinion Surveys


15. Promote, advertise and host Public Open House


16. Follow up with public Open House guests


17. Review Marketing Plan weekly with the homeowner


18. Adjust promotional and marketing material


19. Arrange for continuous access to the property (key, lock box, etc.)


20. Review terms and conditions on weekly bases


21. Provide seller with weekly Progress Report


22. Qualify Buyers


23. Negotiate Offers


24. Inform sellers of Back Up Offers


25. Set up Engineer Inspection


26. Discuss and negotiate Engineer Report


27. Forward proper paperwork to Buyer and Seller’s Attorney


28. Follow up with attorneys to secure a fully executed contract


29. Attach Sold sign rider


30. Set up Termite inspection



31. Follow up on missing COs and/or Survey with expediters and/or Municipality officials


32. Set up Appraisal Inspection


33. Meet Appraiser and supply appropriate comps


34. Obtain progress report from buyer’s lender as of status of Mortgage process


35. Arrange appointments with contractors and professionals if needed


36. Arrange inspections for Cesspool, Oil Tank and Propane Gas Certification


37. Follow up with attorney for progress report regarding Title Search


38. Follow up with lender regarding Mortgage Commitment


39. Provide assistance in meeting conditions to facilitate Closing


40. Arrange and accompany final walk-through


41. Order Yard Sign removal


42. Provide assistance to facilitate Utilities transfer


43. Attend the closing and obtain missing disclosures


44. Arrange final walk-through if possession is later than title transfer


45. Arrange Possession by key or appointment


46. Follow up with Buyer and Seller after Title transfer


47. Submit closing statements to MLS and CENTURY 21


48. Follow up if Referral was applicable


49. Enroll Buyer and Seller in the Preferred Client Club


50. Close the file.