Buyer Marketing Plan

Buyer Marketing Plan


  1. Initial Consultation Meeting with Buyers


  1. Prepare  all state and local disclosures to be signed by Buyers


  1. Determine Buyer’s Wants and Needs


  1. Review Financial qualifications


  1. Advise on different Mortgage Finance options


  1. Review Mortgage Finance Options with Lender


  1. Determine, together with Buyers and Lender, desired price range


  1. Perform market search to determine available properties suited for Buyers


  1. Set up house viewing appointment with Buyers


  1. Prepare and secure access to properties on the Home Tour List (set up appointments, pick up keys, arrange meeting listing broker for house access, Open Houses).


  1. Prepare Buyer Flyers for all properties on the Home Tour List


  1. Take Buyers on a personal Home Tour


  1. Determine level of importance for each property special features


  1. Get feed back from Buyers on each property


  1. Discuss all the Pro’s and Con’s of each home


  1. Have local information ready for Buyers (schools, transportation, shopping, and places of worship).


  1. Fine tune the property search criteria for a follow up appointment


  1. Keep Buyers informed of your search results and set up another personalized Home Tour until the desired Home is found



  1. Fill out proper paperwork for a formal offer to be presented to the seller


  1. Re confirm with Lender terms and conditions based on the chosen property


  1. Present offer to Seller by emphasizing the qualities of the Buyers


  1. Start the negotiation process


  1. Finalize the negotiation process


  1. Contact Attorneys and forward paperwork


  1. Set up and attend engineer and termite inspections


  1. Discuss and negotiate Engineer Report


  1. Follow up with attorneys to secure a fully executed contract


  1. Follow up with Listing Broker, Sellers, Buyers and attorneys to determine the status of the transaction and  facilitate a smooth process


  1. Arrange appointments with contractors and professionals if needed


  1. Set up Appraisal Inspection


  1. Meet the appraiser at the property and provide him with a list of comparable homes.


  1. Keep Buyers and Sellers informed of the status of the transaction


  1. Provide buyers with a moving checklist and a list of pertinent information (utilities names and phone numbers, local schools, local transportation, Town Assessors office, dates for tax grievance and STAR program application, local professionals – insurance agents, attorneys, accountants, doctors, etc).


  1. Arrange and  attend appointments for Cesspool, Oil Tank and Propane Certifications


  1. Follow up with Lender regarding Mortgage Commitment


  1. Follow up with Attorney for a Title Search Progress Report


  1. Provide assistance in meeting conditions to facilitate Closing


  1. Arrange and accompany Final Walk Through



  1. Provide assistance to facilitate Utilities transfer


  1. Attend the closing


  1. Contact  listing broker for sign removal


  1. Arrange a second Walk Through if Possession is later than title transfer


  1. Arrange possession by key or appointment


  1. Follow up with referring party if a Referral is applicable


  1. Enroll Buyer in the Preferred Client Club


  1. Enroll Buyer in any local promotional programs available


  1. Send Thank You and/or Congratulation  Card


  1. Follow up with new Homeowners 30 days after the closing


  1. Send  “Happy Anniversary” note  1 year later


  1. Follow up by phone, mail and occasional visits and be their “Realtor for Life”