Home Staging

Staging Design for Fine Living
Staging a property is presenting a lifestyle, a dream, an aspiration for some and an inspiration for others. Staging is an invitation for the buyer to evoke on an emotional journey of what could be. Staging is how dreams are made.
You have 30 seconds of opportunity to make a great first impression.
 Did you know that most buyers start to make a great subconscious decision about a property at your front curb?
What does your property say apon first sight?
Is your property ready for its close up?
Are you prepared?
You have 3-4 minutes; start to finish on average, to impress a buyer. When you are ready to sell- STAGE. Give your property a clear advantage in the market by making every showing count. Remember, you are selling someone's vision of a dream come true.
Home Staging is about decor that apeals to a wide range of tastes and preferences.. It is the art of creating "emotional connection points" throughout the property that when a buyer steps into the house, they feel if they were home.
Home Staging is an Investment, not an expense. Statistic show that an investment in staging increases profit by increasing the property value and decreasing the  amount of time on the market.
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